Analu is a lawyer, professional photographer, model and cosplay entertainer based in Mexico.


She has always been an artistic person, specially with music, theater performances and writing, that’s the first reason why she felt in love inmediatly with the cosplay hobby when she first discovered it at 2013.


With a little sewing experience and crafting skills she begun making her own costumes and learned quickly how to make props and at the moment, she still improving herself. To this day, she has made close to 60 costumes in the genres of video games, comic books, anime, movies, sci-fi and her own original designs.


Analu has been an official guest at numerous conventions in Mexico and USA. Also she was the first cosplayer in the world of Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter V, she’s the official image of a few mexican brands and the face of the indie mexican video game “Lobo with shotguns” as Belladona.  She is also an experienced costume judge and welcomes everyone to the wonderful world of cosplay.


Thanks to her skills of speaking in public and standing on a stage since she was a child, she likes to host panels on multiple subjects including, but not limited to, cosplay/costuming, modeling, self steem and chase your dreams. She also loves to do altruistic work visiting orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes and churches just for the pleasure of making people a little bit happy.


She has always said: “There’s no better way to conquer the world than by posing in front of a camera”. Being a very “down to earth” person she keeps contact with her followers on each of her social nets, always doing whatever make her feel happy, free and comfortable.


Welcome to a little part of her world!♥


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Birthday: March 10th

Astrological Sign: Piscis

Residency: Mexico

Languages: English and Spanish

Passions: video games, comics, geek stuff, sci fi, dogs,  makeup, books, mexican culture, spicy food, travel and many more!